JVF Communications provide manufacturing facilities for a range of JVF products and provide subcontract manufacturing, assembly and packing services to a wide variety of industries

JVF Communications are ISO9001 registered and can provide a complete service from original product design through all stages to volume manufacturing.

Some of the products manufactured include:

TIMENET Timenet Terminal The Timenet range of access control, time and attendance and data capture/collection terminals, which can be incorporated into the user's network to provide a wide range of reports linking into HR and payroll systems.
RFID RADIO TAG SYSTEMS   A complete RFID system including antennae, readers and a Linux based system controller providing graphic display of images and movies in response to RFID tags entering or leaving the field.  The system has been used in perfume counter displays and can be seen in Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, London.
DRINKS DISPENSERS Datum Unit Several different microprocessor controlled drinks dispensers.  Over 50,000 installations of Coca-Cola post-mix dispensers in the UK.
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